About us

Who we are

Established in 1985, Words' Worth aspires to provide a unique shopping experience for lovers of English-language books - anglophiles and americaphiles alike - in the heart of Munich 's university district.

The original Words' Worth shop opened in November 1985, located in the backyard of a lovely 19 th century building in Schellingstrasse 21, a site well suited to create an atmosphere resembling that of an English bookshop. Contrary to the gloomy predictions of some the shop thrived and established itself as - to quote an early advertising slogan - „the place to go for people in the know“.

In the spring of 2003 a location at Schellingstrasse 3, the location of Munich University's Department of English and American Studies, became available and we expanded our activities with the opening of a second shop – Words' Worth Academic. Time and circumstances then, in November 2006, unfortunately forced us to give up our original and much loved shop and move our complete stock permanently to Schellingstrasse 3.

What we offer

First and foremost we offer books. We regularly stock over 10.000 titles of both fiction and non-fiction.

The fiction section comprises a large selection of contemporary literature, crime & mystery novels, a little Science Fiction and children's books as well as a comprehensive collection of the classics of English language literatures.

The non-fiction section includes literary criticism, literary history and linguistics, as well as history, politics and current affairs, music and film, philosophy, art and psychology, some popular science, lots of biographies and other related titles. We also stock cookery, gardening and coffee table books

We furthermore offer audio books, feature films and popular TV series on DVD, postcards and literary gifts, mugs, and a wide variety of teas, organic soaps and assorted gift items.

During the Christmas season we also stock some typical British Christmas treats like Christmas puddings and brandy butter, as well as seasonal postcards, calendars and, of course, Christmas books.